Depending on which package you have, you may be able to add new pages to your website. This is nice and easy to do thanks to the simple and intuitive back end. If you want to add a new page to your website then follow the step-by-step guide below, which shows you how to add a new page from start to finish.

1. Firstly, log into your account.

2. Click ‘My Account’ and then ‘Account’. Then select ‘Manage Your Website’ on the right hand side.

3. You’ll be presented with your website Dashboard. Next you’ll want to click ‘Pages’ on the left hand menu.

4. To add a page, simply click on the ‘Add Page’ button as shown in the image below.

5. Here you’ll be presented with a new page. Once here you can:

a. Add the page title – below the ‘Title’ header.

b. Add the text on the page – below the ‘Body’ header.

c. Use the bold and italics buttons on your web text.

d. Add hyperlinks to the text using the hyperlink button – highlight the words you’d like to link, click the hyperlink button and paste the URL e. you’d like to link to in the URL box.

6. You can also use the tabs on the left hand side to add the following other pieces of content to the page (click the words below to see how to add these to the page):

a. Forms

b. Images

c. Videos

d. Child pages

e. Blocks

7. Once you’ve completed your page simply scroll to the bottom and click ‘Save’ and your page will be put live. To see how to edit a page once it’s live, read our guide to editing pages here.

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