A promotional block can be used to drive users to a specific part of your website. Simply add in an image and some text and then link it to wherever you wish. You can use them to highlight special offers or to link to certain stock you’ve got for sale or just specific pages on your website. See below to find out just how easy it is to add a promotional block to your site.


1. Click ‘My Account’ and then ‘Account’. Then select ‘Manage Your Website’ on the right hand side.

2. Once in your website dashboard you’ll want to click ‘Blocks’ on the left hand menu.

3. Once here you can do a number of things:

a. Click the ‘Add Block’ button to add a new promotional block.

b. Click ‘Order Promo Blocks’ to change the order in which they appear on your website.

c. Edit or delete your current promotional blocks.

4. Once you’ve clicked ‘Add Block’, select ‘Promotional block’. You’ll then be shown the ‘Create Promotional Block’ page. Here you need to do the following things:

a. Label – Give your block a name that you will remember.

b. Title – Type the title of the promotional block as it will appear on your website.

c. Link – Paste the URL of the page that you want the promotional block to link to.

d. Image – Once you’ve filled in the above, click the ‘Select’ button beneath the ‘Image’ subheading.

5. Once you’ve clicked ‘Select’ below the ‘Image’ subheading you’ll need to upload the image you want to appear in the block. To do this:

a. Click ‘Choose File’ and find the image on your computer.

b. Click ‘Upload’.

c. Once the image has uploaded, click ‘Next’.

6. Once you’ve clicked ‘Next’ you’ll need to ensure that ‘Public local files served by the webserver’ is selected and then click ‘Next’ again.

7. You will then want to type some ‘Alt Text’ (simply type what’s in the image) before clicking ‘Save’.

7. You can also add some text to your promotional block by typing a short message in the box beneath the ‘Body’ subheading. But be sure to keep it short and sweet and use it to encourage people to click on the block.

9. Once you have done all of the above scroll to the bototm of the page and click ‘Save’ to add your block to the pages of your website.

10 See below to see how your block will appear on your site…

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